About Us

Boynton Angel members are a diverse group, with professional experience in over 15 different industries including biotech, consumer products, energy, manufacturing, software, real estate, aeronautics, legal services and telecommunications. Two thirds of the members have invested as individual Angels in over 25 different start-ups prior to joining Boynton Angels. Over 80% of the members have been founders, CEOs and/or presidents of companies and most have served on boards of directors.

The Angels welcome visitors to attend a meeting to get a sense of the group, the screening and decision-making process, as well as the types of seed and expansion companies we evaluate. Qualified investors who are interested in learning, contributing their knowledge, networking with peers, and taking advantage of a single point of contact to hear of qualified investment opportunities and are encouraged to consider becoming a member of Boynton Angels.

If you are interested in becoming a Boynton Angel member, please send an email to to receive a membership packet.