JB Therapeutics
JB Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing the first new class of analgesic agents in two decades.

Incentive Targeting
Incentive Targeting partners with retail chains to provide a targeted marketing service to manufacturers of grocery and consumer products.

Mofuse makes it easy and affordable for any business to build and manage their mobile website. We help clients to establish pathways to revenue and build on-going relationships with their mobile audience.

Hammerhead Sleds
Our goal is to re-create the excitement evoked by sledding a century ago. We have tried hard to maintain the familiarity of the gravity sled while applying new age materials, manufacturing techniques, and user experiences.

i-Team is a leading provider of integrated sales and fulfillment solutions to technology resellers, retailers and OEMs.

VIGIX is a B2B provider of an advanced platform of automated retail kiosks and their operating software.

Lantos Technologies
Lantos is working to commercialize 3D digital scanners capable of measuring ear canal shape and tissue compliance to eliminate uncertainties associated with manual fits to greatly improve performance of custom made ear products.

MediaMate is an outsourcing solution for college media properties. We market their properties, schedule ad placements, and perform invoicing and collections.

Respiratory Motion
Respiratory Motion, Inc. (RMI) develops the ExSpiron(TM), the novel FDA-approved noninvasive, continuous respiratory monitor.

7AC Technologies, Inc.
7AC has developed an ultra-high efficiency, all plastic, liquid desiccant-based air conditioning solution that uses up to 80% less electricity compared to conventional HVAC technologies.

JamHub, Inc.
JamHub allows musicians to play together nearly silently

My Own Motion - The MyoPro™ myoelectric limb orthosis is a powered brace that supports a weakened and deformed arm for functional use. Our mission is to restore motion in the paralyzed limbs of individuals who have suffered a stroke or other neuro-muscular impairment.

Cerahelix uses DNA to produce highly efficient ceramic filters for industrial water recycling.

GoNow Technologies
GoNow Technologies has developed the first reprogrammable magnetic stripe card that communicates with an eWallet on any mobile phone. A single GoNow™ eWallet Card can be programmed to become any credit, debit, gift or loyalty card in an eWallet.

Soundfest, Inc.
SoundFest designs and develops hearing assistance devices that leverage the power and ubiquity of smartphones.

InfoBionic has developed The MoMe™ System, is a one device, one solution patient monitoring platform that allows physicians to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat patients.

"From Fuel to Food": KnipBio's proprietary biocatalyst developed under the direction of Professor Chris Marx can convert natural-gas derived feedstocks to high-value biomolecules for animal feed applications.

AboGen Inc. is dedicated to the development of innovative home-based sample collection kits and analysis solutions in the field of personalized medicine.